Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Mike Rogers on Healthcare Bill

This first Youtube clip is interesting. It's Mike Rogers, (R-Michigan), on the new healthcare bill. Hooray for Mr. Rogers, he sees the truth.

The second one is just funny. It illustrates the difficulty one encounters when trying to make sense of nonsense, or trying to describe the indescribable. It's a bit like unscrambling eggs. Watch it once, maybe several times (it's very short), and then try to tell someone else what he said. Good luck! By the way, while you're in Youtube, check out some of the links on Mr. Waxman. He's actually pretty articulate. It's just on this preposterous bill that he loses it. I think that's understandable.

One more thing - we are never, EVER, going to get a "real" healthcare plan out of Congress until and unless they are made - forced, if necessary - to place themselves and their families in the hands of whatever solution they concoct. Right now, in the "let them eat cake", protected circumstances in which they dwell, they have nothing to gain by putting forth much energy to craft something other people can live with (literally). Nothing but their hope of reelection next time, but I'm not sure that has dawned on many of them. And even if they're booted out, who cares? They have a generous pension, for life.

Friends, I will be the first to agree that we need healthcare reform. This bill just simply isn't it. It needs to be scrapped, the laws changed so that Congress will have to personally live with whatever they craft
, and then they can be given the charge to go out and come up with a plan for the nation as a whole. You can bet they'd come up with spun gold.

Of course, we all know that changing the laws to bring Congress under whatever national healthcare plan we have is not going to happen. To do so, Congress would have to propose the bill, and pass it themselves. Dream on, for therein lies the rub. Right now, Congress is like a six-year-old who is allowed to set his own bedtime, limit his own candy consumption, and stroll through any toy store, taking things off the shelves and never having to pay. Do you think he's going to voluntarily surrender that freedom and place himself under parental control? Ha!

I'm beginning to hold out some real hope that this bill will fail. However, the pork vendors are still at work, so we can't be too sure, not yet. Maybe with the passing of the Bull of the Woods, the climate may change a little bit on Capitol Hill, but I doubt it.We can only hope that there are enough men (and women) who think like Mike Rogers, to keep this travesty from passing.