Friday, July 2, 2010


Oh, dear Lord! How diabolical are those people? And how stupid are we? That mosque is nothing but bait. Very expensive bait, with the added benefit of providing an in-your-face insult to the American people. I doubt you could find so much as a three-year-old child who believes their propaganda of it being a gesture of respect, memorial, good will, etc., ad nauseum. No, it starts off as an insult, and will continue as bait.

Can you imagine what will happen once that monstrosity is erected? It will be egged, spray-painted, maybe even bombed - constantly. It will require a full-time guard, which the city of New York can ill afford to provide. It will be a sore thumb, sticking out there for every American to see, and to resent and hate. It will give the "peaceful" Muslims the thing they love the most - a cause. A reason to cry foul. An excuse to retaliate. They have taunted and insulted the rest of the world for several decades now, and America as well for quite a while, culminating on 9/11.

If this monument to mayhem is built, there will be war. You know it, I know it, and anyone with a teaspoonful of brain cells knows it. That's their plan. The thing will be used to goad, to taunt, to insult America until someone snaps, and the Muslims will then have their reason to escalate the jihad they have already declared against us.

Can you imagine? Suppose you're a New Yorker, who witnessed firsthand the horror on 9/11. You saw people jump to their deaths to avoid the inferno at their backs. You watched in disbelief as the towers buckled, first one, then the other, and collapsed in a flaming heap of torment and death. Maybe you stood in the streets and watched, or ran from the choking clouds of dust and debris that roiled down the canyons of the city. Perhaps you lost a friend, or even a family member in that holocaust. Or maybe you spent the day with your eyes glued to your TV set, as most Americans did, unable to wrap your mind around what you were seeing. We all became New Yorkers on that day.

Maybe you heard the screams from the almost three thousand people who died in that horror. Did you also hear, did you perhaps sense, the chuckles of satisfaction from the masterminds of the attack? They weren't in those planes, they were holed up in a cave somewhere, pulling the strings of their deluded puppets who thought they were earning a one-way ticket to Nirvana when they flew those planes into the buildings. Make no mistake, there are more puppets where those men came from.

Now imagine that you're in New York, standing at Ground Zero, at the memorials that have been erected, and you're remembering what you saw that day. You can still hear the roar, the screech of twisting metal, the screams of the dying. Then, amplified and spreading over the city, you hear the adhan, the Muslim call to prayer, which our President publicly stated was "one of the most beautiful sounds on earth." It is emanating from the huge obscenity that sits just a few yards away. The muzzein is calling the faithful to prayer. And the "peaceful" Muslims, from whose belief system the seeds of evil sprouted on 9/11, will troop inside, remove their shoes, spread out their little rugs and kneel with their faces to the floor, to worship the twisted manifestation of error they call Allah, or God.

With this in mind, how long do you think it will be before someone does something that will light their fuse once again? Build that embodiment of evil, that warehouse of hate, and there will eventually be war. I would hope not, I pray not, but I fear it will indeed happen. Dear God, how much can people take? You can't even carry a Bible publicly in their countries or they'll cut off your head, but they want to build that insulting edifice right alongside Ground Zero? The whole Islamic world is laughing at us now, with Barack Hussein Obama as our president, and they will be rolling in the aisles if this move is accomplished. God help us!