Saturday, November 20, 2010


It's hard to believe, but the lunacy contest continues. The idiots are on parade. It began with Ms. Napolitano and her daft Homeland Security department, with their outrageous policies and techniques. In their infinite wisdom (ha) they decided that we must now all pass through an x-ray scanner (creatively named a "back-scatter imaging machine") that provides a nude picture of your body to whomever happens to be seated at the viewing screen. It may or may not store, forward, transmit and/or sell those images to whatever voyeur might be interested - depends on whose accusation or denial you choose to believe. It also may or may not be harmless - no one has come forth with a total, unchallenged opinion on that. "Oh, just go on and pass through it, it probably won't hurt you."

Should you object to that, your option is to submit to a procedure lovingly named the "enhanced pat-down." The enhancement is that you get groped and felt up apparently quite thoroughly by a "same-gender officer." Well, that's comforting. Girls, have you seen some of those agents? Scary! I think I might just prefer a male agent!

Now, here's where the other side of the idiot's challenge comes in. The Muslims have flatly declared that their women will NOT be subjected to either screening procedure. No nudie photos, and no groping. Can't say I blame them, in fact, I'm on their side in this one. However, I'm pretty sure my two year old grandson could see the disparity, the mind-bending violation of American rights that is inherent in this whole situation. Just in case someone doesn't get it, though, I'll spell it out.

The whole purpose of all this touchy-feely stuff is to identify and stop potential terrorists, which of course have been Muslim extremists, about 99.9% of the time. Very few 80-year old nuns or three year old baby girls have proven to be terrorists. So, these Muslims are so concerned about the rights of their women (wow, I got a cramp in my fingers while typing that one!) that they are demanding exemption from the screening, and serious consideration is being given to granting them that exemption. Meanwhile, every non-Muslim American, male and female, who wishes to board an airplane is being felt up in airports all over the nation. How do you teach an innocent child that they are not to permit anyone to touch their bodies in such an intimate way, and then stand there and watch while the child is forced to submit to being groped by a total stranger? Answer that for me, Ms. Napolitano.

There are two points I wish to make, and I'm serious. I want to see Ms. Napolitano, on TV, going through a screening. I want to see her stand in the back-scatter box and allow it to bombard her body with the same radiation the rest of us are being asked to accept. Then I want her to step over to the gropers pen and stand there and submit to the "enhanced pat-down", and let us all see how easy and non-invasive it is. Don't tell us, Janet, show us.

Second, if they really do allow the Muslim women to pass through unscreened in any way, then I will buy or make a burqa, and it will become my traveling garment any time I'm flying commercial. If Muslim men can hire a prostitute and the relationship is called a "temporary wife", and it's legal in Islam, (don't believe me? Google it!) then I can be a "temporary Muslim" on the day I'm flying somewhere.

Where is this insanity going to lead us? When is it going to end? I can only pray that it ends with some voice of reason stepping in and saying "Enough!" - before it ends in a more forceful and destructive way. People have just about had all they're going to take.

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