Monday, December 6, 2010


Folks, this is really scary. I'll admit, I know nothing of the credentials or credibility of those who have prepared this and started it on its way. I'll grant that this event will probably end up in the same vault where the Roswell files are hidden - never proven, but never disproven either.

I'm not really hiding under my bed, thinking that the Chinese are about to overrun America. I do not believe that will happen. They won't need to resort to this, they'll just simply call in the loans!

Be that as it may, I have to say - what really scares me the most is that many, if not most of us are fully prepared to believe it. Our confidence in our government is so shaky right now, that we are prepared to believe that our defenses have been so weakened that something like this just might be true. We can believe that our own political structure, our own government and our defenses appear to the rest of the world to be so weak and so poorly supported that China or anyone else can just take a pot shot at us and get away with it.

The Islamic Arab world did it on 9/11, and got away with it. Granted, no "official" government was involved, so we couldn't go to war, like we did after Pearl Harbor. No, they're too smart for that now. Like the monkey using the cat's paw to pull his chestnuts out of the fire, the Islamic nations are using the deluded extremists among their people to do the dirty work for them. How do we retaliate? We can't!

Like I said, the scariest part is that we're prepared to believe this was a "shot across our bow" and nothing was done about it. Well, this is one American who just doesn't believe that our historic American spirit is dead. Maybe our leaders are running scared, maybe they're wimps, maybe they're even subversives intent on destroying us from within. That I CAN believe. However, I also believe in the remnants of patriotism, the last shreds of the spirit that fought WWI, WWII and that still is ready to try to protect the weak and liberate the oppressed where we find them, and that will most definitely defend our own shores.

I'd like to make a prediction here. I predict that if China or any other nation actually launches an attack against us, and our highly-questionable leaders don't respond immediately and forcefully, there is going to be an uprising of the American people that will make the Caine Mutiny look like a child's tea party. Hey, that's pretty good! A tea party. Where have I heard that before?? Seems to me that the American people have fired a "shot across the bow" of their own. Did you hear it, Mr. President? Are you listening?

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